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Call us: 844-513-7867*
Fax us: um...we don't fax. We FOX! Yeah, baby!!
Seriously, don't fax us. And don't call us either.

FoxSmart, LLC
2410 W. Memorial Road, Ste. C, #142
Oklahoma, City, OK 73134

About the "call us" thing. Just...don't. I mean, you can, but we're a small team and there's a decent chance your's truly is in China right now developing awesome new products for you. To staff a group of people taking calls = higher prices for you, and who wants that? We're much easier to contact via the contact form.

On the other hand, if you want to get into a raging debate about the Stones vs. the Who in terms of modern music legacy, or string theory vs. yarn theory, or Fender vs. Gibson guitars, or Arby's vs. Long John Silvers - by all means, call us. On that note: the correct answer is the Who.