New Filaments – 2017!

By popular request, we’ve expanded our filament selection to include some slightly irregular types.

  • PETG
    • Prints like PLA, strong like ABS.
    • Great layer bonding
    • Low warping and shrinkage
  • ASA
    • Super strong, ideal for outdoor applications
    • Doesn’t yellow in the sun like ABS
    • Prints like ABS, for the most part
  • Soft PLA
    • Prints like PLA, but soft, almost like rubber
    • Great for parts that need flex or give
    • It’s similar to TPU, but slightly stiffer. It’s a nice compromise between TPU and PLA
  • Multi-color PLA
    • Nothing to explain – it’s standard PLA, with each spool a changing mix of colors across the spool. Prints look A.Maze.Ing

To misquote Harry Potter, “all of these new filaments are¬†awesome!”

And yes, we have a limited QTY and color options for all of the above. Why? Because these are new and we like to get a feel for the quality and demand for new filaments before we stock big. If we have great feedback, yes, we’ll be bringing these in with greater QTY and color choices. Let us know how you like and we’ll respond.