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JER’s 3D Printing Pen is the latest, most advanced 3D printing pen from the leading manufacturer of the technology. With a precise step motor and extruder suitable for a wide variety of filaments, no other 3D pen is as simple to use for crafts, modeling and 3D projects. Its temperature settings allow adjustment between 130 and 240 degrees Celsius.

  • .6mm dia nozzle, suitable for 1.75mm PLA, ABS & TPU filaments
  • Adjustable temperature settings, from 130°C to 240°C, at 15°C increments
  • Auto filament loading & unloading
  • Speed controller for varied printing results
  • Powered by USB for remote operation
  • Slim design fits in hand like a pen
  • Suitable for ages 8 & over
  • Includes UL-listed AC/DC adapter

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Product Description

Have you seen the prices on 3D pens on Amazon? Gag! Many of our customers are engineers. You know how much these things probably cost, right? It’s not pennies, but they sure as hell shouldn’t cost $99. Or even $49.99.

Since we’re FoxSmart, we’re offering an awesome pen for much less. This one is from JER. Haven’t heard of them? It’s because they’re a factory. They produce 3D pens for many of the big brands. Via FoxSmart, you’re getting it directly from the source instead of paying the big markup you’ll find elsewhere.

2 reviews for 3D Printing Pen

  1. 1 out of 5


    arrived DOA. lights seemed to indicate that it should be heating up, but never even got mildly warm. Working through it with support. Might change this review if they can replace it or get it working for me.

  2. 5 out of 5


    My earlier comment was based on a DOA unit, since then, I contacted FoxSmart support, and the shipped out a new one in perfect working order within only a few days. This is a pretty fun toy, but mostly, I’m impressed with the service! I’ve always known FoxSmart prices were top notch, but now I can add the same sentiment about their support. Thanks guys!

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