FoxSmart coaxial cable
FoxSmart coaxial cableFoxSmart coaxial cable

6′ Coax Cable

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While HDMI is a purely digital signal, coax is analog and better quality cables = a better quality signal. Make sure you’re getting the best signal possible without breaking the bank on those Monstrously priced cables (you know who we’re talking about!).

  • Use with TV, VCR, CATV equipment, and other AV devices
  • 75 Ohm RG6 cable
  • Screw-on nickel F-connectors
  • Copper-clad steel center conductor
  • Two layers of aluminum shielding

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Product Description

FoxSmart’s RG6 Coaxial cable is the smart choice for high-quality, durable coax cable in your home theater system. This cable can be used to connect TVs, VCRs, cable TV and satellite equipment, and antennas. Check your device to make sure it has an F-connector, and refer to your manufacturer for compatibility.


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