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M100 Desktop 3D Printer – Presale

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$290.00 $260.00

Oh. My. Gosh, Becky.

Look at that 3D printer.

This is the real deal. A sleek, small-format printer for your smaller jobs. Great for a starter printer, but also amazing for those of us who like a 2nd running the smaller parts.

This is a Malyan brand printer, distributed by FoxSmart. Why Maylan? Click HERE to learn more!

24 in stock

Product Description

The basic specs:

  • 1.75mm printing, for PLA, TPU, plus our new silky polymer composite*
  • 100x100mm non-heated bed, with 100mm tall print range
  • .4mm nozzle, with .1mm layer resolution
  • 250C max temp
  • 120mm/S max print speed


  • all metal housing and supports
  • back-side, easy access step motor
  • SD card printing
  • open source software – we recommend Repetier
  • out of the box printing. We’re not kidding. You turn it on, load the filament, configure Repetier (we’ll send you the basic setup info) and you’re printing. I was printing within 10 minutes of opening my first sample.

The main points: 1. it works – well. 2. it doesn’t look horrible on your desk. This is the first printer (I’ve tested many) where my wife walked by and said, “Wow…that’s cute! Can I have one?”

You know what I’m talking about. Most are ugly. This one’s beautiful. AND….it works. You’re welcome. 

Note on purchasing: this is a pre-order. You pay $0 today, but you’re on the list for the first batch. When they arrive we will contact you, verify you still want it, then send you a link to order the real thing using your preferred credit card or paypal. Price will be $295 once they arrive. Pre-order today and get it for $260. 

We’re awesome.

Need the User Manual? Click HERE.

1 review for M100 Desktop 3D Printer – Presale

  1. 3 out of 5


    Saw a review on here once, must have “gotten lost”. It also had a 3/5.

    Shame on you for deleting it.

    • :

      It’s still there. Unfortunately, we have two product pages for this printer. One was the pre-sale (the one you just commented on) and the other is the standard page. Go back and look at the standard one. The review is there.

      All of the main links from the front page point to that product page, not this one.

    • :

      But you’re welcome to leave this review up if you want. We don’t ever delete reviews. 🙂

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