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You want something strong like ABS, but easy to print? Maybe you don’t have a heated bed? Maybe you have temp concerns for the printed part? Maybe you’re a wild child who smirks at death and PLA and you ride the 3D printed trails like a bat out of hell? PETG is your friend.

The basics:

  • Prints like PLA, strong like ABS.
  • Great layer bonding
  • Low warping and shrinkage
  • Food safe? Sort of. It can be sterilized, but most sub-commercial printers are not able to create the layer bonds necessary to prevent bacteria and mold in printed parts. We say “no” and that’s our official response, but it’s closer than PLA fer sure.
  • Print at 220-240. We print on our Malyan @ 230ish and layers bond well for us at that temp.
  • Start at slower speeds and ramp up as you get a feel for it. We generally don’t push past 50mm/s with PETG.
  • Heated bed is optional. We find it sticks just fine on painters tape.
  • 1KG spool

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Great filament, very strong yet flexible enough for my needs. If printing large parts, hotend should be around 250 as it will crack if its too cold. If printing small parts 240 is generally just fine.

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