Who the $%^% is Maylan?

Who is Malyan?

We’re glad you asked. Maylan is a great little company in China. We met them about 2 years ago at a trade show in Hong Kong. We were looking for a printer to import and sell, they were a low cost, high quality printer maker. It seems a match made in heaven, except at the time the printers were large and didn’t seem to fit our customers’ needs.

Flash forward to Spring 2016. We met with them again and they showed us the M100. We tested it extensively and fell in love. We originally thought about customizing it, slapping a FoxSmart brand on the front and presenting it to the world as a FoxSmart product. This is what the big brands do. They pretend they invented something when all they did was source it from China. The more we thought about it, the less we liked the idea. We’re different. You should know what you’re buying and great little companies like Maylan deserve to have their name known by the customer.

We decided to make this a distribution model instead. What this model allowed us to do is:

  • Order a smaller quantity to start
  • Keeps costs lower – they’re not making anything special for us, they’re just shipping product off their current production line
  • Gives you, the customer, direct access to the manufacturer

The last part is key. We are printers, but many of you are light years beyond our own meager knowledge of additive manufacturing. We are here to answer your questions, but if you want to go straight to the source, by all means contact Maylan directly. Or contact us both at the same time. We’ll tackle questions together.

The main point is, you’re getting an incredible printer at a great price. That’s all we really care about.