Why FoxSmart?


The Short Version:

Most products go through 2-5 levels of markup before you buy them. That sucks.

With FoxSmart you’re buying products straight from the factory (with us in between, to offer support and service and snarky websites). Enjoy and shop with confidence!




The (very) Long Version:

In 1993 we were but a cub, Nirvana was reminding us what we lost when punk died, Jurassic Park scared the hell out of us…and something called the “World Wide Web” was launched (though most of us had no idea).

In 1993 there was no Internet shopping and you paid a premium to buy any product worth buying. When you wanted a boombox (you did in 1993) you went to BigStore and bought the BigBrand BadAss Boombox. You paid around $75 for it and you loved it.

What you didn’t know was that the boombox was made by a Chinese factory for $14. A trading company sold it to an importer for $17. That importer sold it to a well-known US consumer brand for $23. The consumer brand put their logo on it and sold it to a distributor for $29. The distributor sold it to Target for $37. Target then sold it to you for $75.


This is not called “winning” (unless you are one of the aforementioned layers).

But guess what? The Internet changed everything. You got smarter. The world got smaller. Consumers now demand better than $75 for an audio system that costs $16 or so to make and ship.

This is why we started FoxSmart. It is like buying directly from the factory, but with no worries about what you’re getting, warranties, support, user manuals that make sense, etc.

We’re on your side.


FoxSmart is the smarter choice for the smarter consumer. We work with factories to create high quality products that are just as good as (we think better than) the BigBrand products. We speak perfect English (most of us), we control the product quality, and we write the user manuals and answer questions promptly when you need us. We stock and ship from within the good ol’ USA so you get your stuff fast and with low, low shipping costs.


We’re starting small with products we know well, but we’re growing fast. Check back often to see what retail brand we’re taking on next (we call them limping gazelles around the office). If the consumer is paying too much today, we’ll be bringing it to market soon at the right price.

Shoot us an email if you want to chat, compliment, make suggestions, complain or buy us lunch. We’re down for all of it. We’re located in Oklahoma City, smack dab in the middle of the good ol’ US of A.  Other than all the above, we’re fond of vinyl, punk rock (by that we mean the Clash, Buzzcocks, Dead Kennedys, Killing Joke, etc. and not Blink 182), estate sales, dark chocolate, Detroit’s Dream Cruise, the Dallas Mavericks* and anything that says “f___ you” to the retail giants.

Thanks for your business!



*some other Fox team members suggest that we’re also fans of the OKC Thunder. Whatevs. Go Mavs.