Since we’re in the 3D community, we are in a community of sometimes odd, but always interesting people. Sometimes these people are those we end up at trade shows with (we’ll be walking CES!). Sometimes those interesting people are our customers.


Cute And Deadly sells things.



They sell 3D printed things as well as other things they make. They also draw manga cartoons/comics. We like Manga (and it’s funny!). Hell, we like anything just off the beaten path. We really like manga drawn by our customers who also happen to live in OK, like us.

If you like slightly dark-meets-cute peripherals for your slightly dark-meets-cute life, check them out.


What else? One of our favorite sites on the interwebs is We’re creator/makers ourselves, so a site full of like minds who not only push the bounderies of product, but open their ideaas up to the world = awesome. We’re on the site almost daily getting our fill of maker-porn.


I would like to share an example of why the site rocks:


Did you watch the Harry Potter movies alone with guac, chips and a beer with your kids? You may remember the Weasley Clock, which magically showed not the time of day, but where each member of the family was at that exact moment. Work. School. Mortal peril. Lost. Wherever mom, dad and the kids are, the clock shows it.weasley clock show location


While the Weasley Clock is controlled by Magic, we muggles have a modern version of magic called Raspberry Pi. Think of RP as a small, very simple, very cheap computer. You can program it to send commands to a wide variety of external controllers – in this case, LED controllers.

But we are still talking about magic here. Not the magic of nifty devices and smart programming. No, I’m talking about the magic of community. Some smart people made a smart device and instead of selling it to you and I, they showed us how to make one ourselves.

If you asked me what community I would like to be part of – what group of minds I would like to work within, sell within, contribute to – I would say this group. Makers. Doers. Sharers. It goes back to my roots. Do I want to be at the party full of musicians or the one where the local music critic is hanging out? Sure, it may help my music career to hang out with the critic. But to be honest…I don’t like him. He’s not a doer. He’s not a maker.

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