I spent last week in Michigan. The highs were in the 70s. The lake water (Lake MI) was in the 50s. Seriously cold – it was not swimmable, though some crazy brave kids were actually out in it. We spent a few days on the beach making sand sculptures and collecting rocks (for the sand sculptures). It was a whole week of Eden-esque temps.

Then I came home and the next morning tried mowing my overgrown lawn. 9AM on a sat. morning. I think it was already 148° outside. OK, that’s a joke. It was only 93° when I started. At 9AM in the morning. Let me re-phrase that, “it was 93° at _ _ _ _ ing 9AM in the morning“. I made it through the entire lawn, then collapsed in the living room, too tired to go shower. My kids stared at me in pity and confusion. My wife casually strolled by and asked me to run an errand for her at Walmart.
The point is, temperature matters. I can mow a lawn when it’s 80° outside and I’m OK. It hits 93° and I turn into a sad, sad jellyfish. It was 101° by the end of the day and I just sat inside watching my grass wilt (but hey, it means less mowing, right?)

I prefer a summer day that starts around 60° in the morning and peaks around 85°. That’s perfection. Much lower and I’m not happy at the sandbar with my beer. Much hotter and my beer gets too warm too fast and I cry.

Just like with we humans, other bodies of matter prefer certain temperatures. Take PLA filament – it melts at lower temps, which makes it easier to work with (IMO). But I left a printed piece in my car the other day and found it droopy after a long hot day in the sun. That likely wouldn’t have happened with ABS. I’ve heard guys warn about this, but I never took it seriously. Now I know. If you are printing something that you want to last…and there’s a chance it will ever be outside on in your car…and you live south of the Mason Dixon…you might want to consider ABS. Or moving north. Your choice.


I’m a Texan. I get why people love the south. I love the south. All my exes live in Texas. Stars at night are big and bright, ya’ll. But having lived up north, I also get why people love the north. While family and friends are mostly down south, I don’t mind the Yankee temps, eh. To settle things: Texans – print with ABS. Yankees – print with PLA. And/or, ignore everything I say and just print with what makes sense. I’m just stirring the pot while I melt.

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