Since we last posted:

  • We have a new President of the United States. We’ll leave this one alone.
  • We have a new 3D printer for sale. It’s awesome. Buy it.
  • We ran out of stock on almost every color of PLA. We suck. We’ll do better.
  • We lowered prices on almost every color and type of filament. We’re awesome.

On the stock issue, here’s the scoop. We maintain a reasonable QTY on hand of most colors and types, based on our normal sales volume. In December of 2016 we received some mentions (favorable) in some leading 3D Printing forums at the same time we ran a killer sale. Out of nowhere, we got cleaned out. We could have jacked prices, to slow the sales down, but that’s not in our DNA. Instead, we road the storm and ran dry.

What complicated matters is that being an importer, it takes roughly 60 days to re-stock. Re-stocking during Chinese New Year put another huge delay in the works. A normal 60-70 days re-stock took almost 90.

The good news is: all stock is arriving this week (March 3rd). Yay! We’ve already sent additional orders to ensure we have stock in pipeline. We hope we never run dry again.

Our apologies for the situation, but we’ll try to make it up to you all via our typically stupid low prices.

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