I’ve decided I should only blog when I’m drinking rum. The only problem is that I’m at work and I have no rum. Let’s just pretend I’m tipsy and that will be my excuse later.

Ben Carson. There are all kinds of stories in the news right now about the guy, any one of which might doom his campaign. I’m not here to defend or criticize him. I’ll leave that to Twitter. What I will say: he’s no politician. I say that both as a +1 and -1. I come not to praise Caesar, but to bury him.

Being a politician isn’t about having great ideas or being smarter than your opponent. It’s not about your background or your record in office (if applicable). Increasingly it’s not about the color or your skin or your gender. No, it’s about The Game.

Donald Trump, though he plays the outsider card, excels at The Game. He knows what to say, when to say it and who to say it to. Most successful players figure the rules out early and roll. Some never do.

Coming through the music/band scene in Dallas I saw the same thing in music – incredible bands and songwriters that never figured out the rules of promotion. I heard bands play songs that would have been major hits for known artists, yet would never be heard because the band was never getting out of Dallas.

Consumer products brands are like this. Some brands are incredible at marketing their wares to the public. In general, this allows them to sell products at a higher price vs. the smaller brands you’ve never heard of. You, we, all of us, believe the hype. Something in our biology draws us to the big story vs. the smaller players.

FoxSmart isn’t necessarily good at marketing. Why? It’s mostly that we don’t want to put money into it. Every dollar we spend on marketing is a dollar we have to charge our customers. That sucks. We hate that. We’d rather you guys share the good word, we get free advertising and you get deals no other brand can touch. That’s the idea.

We have about 1 year (let’s call it “2016”) to get this down or we might not make it. At the moment we’re tickled pink by our sales and expansion, but we need to grow and grow to get this spaceship off the ground. Please share the good news. Don’t believe the hype (unless it’s about us!)

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