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Kit B_2

PLA Sample Packs


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Do you need filament, but you don’t need an entire roll? Or would you like to test the various colors to see which you like best? Pick up a sample roll. Cheap.

Each color is individually separated within the bag for easy use. These are great to test colors or do small prints and are perfect for 3D Doodle pens. The Bags contain a silican gel pack, keeping the filament dry and ready for use.

Sample Kit A: 25ft each of Yellow, Orange, Green, Translucent Red, Black, Blue

Sample Kit B: 25ft each of Pink, Purple, Brown, Silver, Gold, Red

** let it be known that we are proud supporters of the OKC Dale Rogers Training Center, where less-abled workers learn life skills and are given opportunities to earn a living. In this case, they are creating our Sample Kits. We’re happy to hand the work over to them, they’re doing a great job and everyone wins. Each purchase of a Sample Kit supports the incredible work Dale Rogers does. In other words, if you buy one of these kits, feel free to feel good about yourself today.

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Kit A, Kit B


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